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Introductory Geographic Information Systems, 1st edition

  • John R. Jensen
  • Ryan R. Jensen

Published by Pearson (February 16th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Introductory Geographic Information Systems

ISBN-13: 9780136147763

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Geospatial technologies in general – and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in particular – are becoming increasingly important in our society. GIS technology is used to identify the optimal routes for emergency vehicles, to determine the best locations for various businesses, schools, and facilities, to monitor the growth and expansion of urban areas as a way to manage natural resources, and much more. Principles of Geographic Information Systems is an ideal introduction for those who know very little about geographic information systems and spatial analysis. KEY TOPICS: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems; Datums, Ellipsoids, Geoids, Coordinate Systems, and Map Projections; Data for Input to GIS; Data Quality; Data Models and Databases; Spatial Analysis of Vector and Raster Data; GIS Network Analysis; Statistics and Spatial Data Measurements; Spatial Analysis of Three-dimensional Data; Cartography Using A GIS; Computers and Computer Programming in GIS; Future of GIScience. MARKET: A readable, practical guide for anyone who needs to increase their understanding of geographic information systems.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

2. Datums, Ellipsoids, Geoids, Coordinate Systems, and Map Projections

3. Data for Input to GIS

4. Data Quality

5. Data Models and Databases

6. Spatial Analysis of Vector and Raster Data

7. GIS Network Analysis

8. Statistics and Spatial Data Measurements

9. Spatial Analysis of Three-dimensional Data

10. Cartography Using A GIS

11. Computers and Computer Programming in GIS

12. Future of GIScience

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