Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers, 1st edition

  • Richard Davies

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Java is currently enjoying immense success and is taught in hundreds of universities around the world. It is a modern, portable, object-oriented language and before long, it could also be the language of choice for many science and engineering students.

Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers provides an extremely accessible and thorough introduction to Java for science and engineering students. It takes the reader gradually through the language features, standard libraries and object orientation before moving on to discuss a scientific graphics library and a numerical library for Java. All the examples perform the kind of computations that will be of interest to a scientific programmer.

Table of contents

1. Learning Java
2. Java from Basics
3. Java for C Programmers
4. Advanced Java
5. The Standard Libraries
6. Object Orientation
7. Scientific Applications
8. JNL, a Numerical Library for Java
9. Numerical Computation
10. Programming Practices
11. Physical Modelling
A Other Resources
B Installation Instructions
C Solutions to Selected Exercises

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Published by Pearson (February 9th 1999) - Copyright © 1999