Java™ Developers Almanac 1.4, Volume 1, The: Examples and Quick Reference, 4th edition

  • Patrick Chan

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The Ultimate Java Technology Quick Reference

"I love this book. Its dense condensation of the details a developer needs makes it the one book I pull out over and over again."
--James Gosling, Fellow and Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and inventor of the Java™ programming language
"This reminds me of the catalogs of integrated circuits that we use to build hardware systems, and shows how far and fast Java™ technology has come in having a library of incredibly useful software components. An indispensable desk reference!"
--Bill Joy, cofounder, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Quoted from his keynote at JavaOne
"I think this book is, quite simply, a stroke of genius. I've been lamenting the stack of books on Java™ technology I've had to pore over when all I needed was a detail about some method or package. The Almanac is the one-stop shop I was unconsciously waiting for."
--John Vlissides, IBM TJ Watson, and coauthor of the best-selling book, Design Patterns

The Java™ Developers Almanac 1.4 is the most up-to-date and complete quick reference for the Java Class Libraries--JDK™ 1.0, 1.1, and J2SE™ v1.2, v1.3, v1.4. Information for 3,000 classes and 32,000 members is carefully formatted and arranged for easy lookup. In these two volumes you will find:

  • 900 examples demonstrating the use of over 1000 classes and 4000 members.
  • Complete member listings of every class (including inherited members!), with references to examples that demonstrate usage
  • Class inheritance hierarchies for every package
  • An extensive cross-reference section
  • Detailed analysis of API changes for each major release
  • Volume 1 covers java.beans to org.xml, 91 packages useful for server-side development.

    Volume 2 covers java.applet to javax.swing, 45 packages useful for developing GUI applications.

    No matter what level programmer you are, you will find this book an invaluable tool for everyday development.


    Table of contents


    Part 1. Packages.

    Part 2. Classes.

    Part 3. Topics.

    Part 4. Cross-Reference. 0201752808T02282002

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