Java? EE 5 Tutorial, The, 3rd edition

  • Eric Jendrock
  • Jennifer Ball
  • Debbie Carson
  • Ian Evans
  • Scott Fordin
  • Kim Haase

Java™ EE 5 Tutorial, The

ISBN-13:  9780321490292

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The Java EE 5 Tutorial is an introduction to programming server-side Java applications. This book takes a task-oriented, example-driven approach to show you how to build applications for the Java EE 5 platform. This book also describes the features and functionalities available with NetBeans 5.5.


What's new in this edition? The author team have updated the existing chapters to reflect the changes to JSP, EJB, Servlets, and more. Also, the authors have added new chapters on the Sun Java System Application Server 9 as a deployment environment for server-side technologies. The web-tier technology chapters cover the components used in developing the presentation layer of a Java EE 5 or stand-alone web application. The web services technology chapters cover the APIs used in developing standard web services. The Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology chapters cover the components used in developing the business logic of a Java EE 5 application. The Persistence technology chapters cover the Java Persistence API, which is used for accessing databases from Java EE applications. The platform services chapters cover the system services used by all the Java EE 5 component technologies

Table of contents

About This Tutorial         xxxi

Who Should Use This Tutorial        xxxi
Prerequisites;        xxxi
How to Read This Tutorial        xxxi
About the Examples        xxxiv
Further Information        xxxviii
Typographical Conventions        xxxix
Acknowledgments        xxxix
Feedback        xli

Chapter 1: Overview        1

Java EE Application Model        2
Distributed Multitiered Applications        3
Java EE Containers        8
Web Services Support        11
Java EE Application Assembly and Deployment        13
Packaging Applications        13
Development Roles        15
Java EE 5 APIs        18
Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9        26

Part One: The Web Tier         31

Chapter 2:      Getting Started with Web Applications        33

Web Application Life Cycle        36
Web Modules        38
Configuring Web Applications        46
Duke's Bookstore Examples        55
Accessing Databases from Web Applications        55
Further Information        57

Chapter 3:      Java Servlet Technology        59

What Is a Servlet?        59
The Example Servlets        60
Servlet Life Cycle        63
Sharing Information        66
Initializing a Servlet        70
Writing Service Methods        71
Filtering Requests and Responses        77
Invoking Other Web Resources        84
Accessing the Web Context        88
Maintaining Client State        89
Finalizing a Servlet        92
Further Information        95

Chapter 4: JavaServer Pages Technology        97

What Is a JSP Page?        97
The Example JSP Pages        101
The Life Cycle of a JSP Page        107
Creating Static Content        110
Creating Dynamic Content        111
Unified Expression Language        113
JavaBeans Components        136
Using Custom Tags        141
Reusing Content in JSP Pages        145
Transferring Control to Another Web Component        146
Including an Applet        147
Setting Properties for Groups of JSP Pages        149
Further Information        154

Chapter 5: JavaServer Pages Documents        155

The Example JSP Document        156
Creating a JSP Document        158
Identifying the JSP Document to the Container        173

Chapter 6: JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library        175

The Example JSP Pages        176
Using JSTL        177
Core Tag Library        180
XML Tag Library        188
Internationalization Tag Library        192
SQL Tag Library       &nbs

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (November 3rd 2006) - Copyright © 2007