JavaScript by Example, 2nd edition

  • Ellie Quigley

JavaScript by Example

ISBN-13:  9780137054893

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The World’s Easiest Java Script Tutorial–Fully Updated!


JavaScript by Example, Second Edition, is the easiest, most hands-on way to learn JavaScript. Legendary programming instructor Ellie Quigley has thoroughly updated her classic book to deliver the skills and information today’s JavaScript users need most–including up-to-the-minute coverage of JavaScript programming constructs, CSS, Ajax, JSON, and the latest JavaScript libraries and best practices.


Quigley illuminates every technique with focused, classroom-tested code examples, detailed line-by-line explanations, and real program output. This exceptionally clear, easy-to-understand book takes you from your first script to advanced techniques. It’s the only JavaScript book you’ll ever need!


New in This Edition 

  • End-of-chapter study tools, including classroom-tested labs
  • Programming the DOM
  • More Cascading Style Sheets
  • Introduction to Ajax and JSON
  • Explanation of how to develop interactive Web applications with dynamic, desktop-style interfaces
  • Programmers’ preparation for HTML 5’s breakthrough capabilities 

This edition has been completely updated and includes many new and completely rewritten code examples; contains fully revised and updated coverage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the Document Object Model (DOM); and fully covers modern JavaScript concepts, principles, and programming techniques.


Thousands of Web developers, administrators, and power users have relied on JavaScript by Example to become expert JavaScript programmers. With this new edition, you can, too–even if you’re completely new to JavaScript. After you’ve become an expert, you’ll turn to this book constantly as the best source for trustworthy answers, solutions, and code.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Chapter 2: Script Setup
  • Chapter 3: The Building Blocks: Data Types, Literals, and Variables
  • Chapter 4: Dialog Boxes
  • Chapter 5: Operators
  • Chapter 6: Under Certain Conditions
  • Chapter 7: Functions
  • Chapter 8: Objects
  • Chapter 9: JavaScript Core Objects
  • Chapter 10: It’s the BOM! Browser Objects
  • Chapter 11: Working with Forms and Input Devices
  • Chapter 12: Working with Images (and Links)
  • Chapter 13: Handling Events
  • Chapter 14: Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with JavaScript
  • Chapter 15: The W3C DOM and JavaScript
  • Chapter 16: Cookies
  • Chapter 17: Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
  • Chapter 18: An Introduction to Ajax (with JSON)

Published by Pearson (October 5th 2010) - Copyright © 2011