Juvenile Delinquency, 2nd edition

  • Clemens Bartollas
  • Frank Schmalleger

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Brief. Affordable. Visual.         

Juvenile Delinquency provides an affordable, thought-provoking look at the criminal justice system that uses clear writing and eye-catching visuals to get your students straight to the important concepts. The emphasis is on delinquency across the life course. By focusing on the core concepts, students will gain true understanding of the material, without becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary information. The book's conversation-starting pedagogy encourages active participation in learning, moving students beyond memorization by engaging them in the latest research findings and current events shaping the field. The new edition features new, updated, or expanded information on the juvenile justice system, treatment, the role of gender in delinquency, and the critical nature of cyberbullying and school discipline.

Table of contents

      Chapter 1. Adolescence and Delinquency
      Chapter 2. Measurement and Nature of Delinquency
      Chapter 3. Individual Causes of Delinquency
      Chapter 4. Social Structural and Social Process Theories of Delinquency
      Chapter 5. Social Interactionist Theories of Delinquency
      Chapter 6. Gender and Delinquency
      Chapter 7. Families and Delinquency
      Chapter 8. Schools and Delinquency
      Chapter 9. Gangs and Delinquency
      Chapter 10. Drugs and Delinquency
      Chapter 11. An Overview of Juvenile Justice in America
      Chapter 12. Police and the Juvenile
      Chapter 13. Juvenile Court
      Chapter 14. Juvenile Corrections
      Name Index
      Subject Index

Published by Pearson (January 21st 2015) - Copyright © 2016