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  5. Keys to Effective Learning: Study Skills and Habits for Success

Keys to Effective Learning: Study Skills and Habits for Success, 6th edition

  • Carol J. Carter
  • Joyce Bishop
  • Sarah Lyman Kravits

Published by Pearson (August 26th 2014) - Copyright © 2014

6th edition

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Keys to Effective Learning: Study Skills and Habits for Success

ISBN-13: 9780137007509

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This text is geared to students who are academically underprepared for college-level studies, especially first-generation and at-risk students.


The sixth edition of Keys to Effective Learning text helps students build habits for success and develop the thinking, self-management, and study skills they need to succeed academically. This edition is streamlined to focus more on essential study skills, with greater coverage of memory, studying, reading, and test-taking. It retains its acclaimed simple-to-use Critical and Creative Thinking coverage, and adds relevance by addressing the two greatest barriers to staying in school—time and money management.  Recognizing that the first step in developing the independent thinking skills needed for college-level work is understanding how you think, this revision builds students’ self-awareness in three ways: embedded in-chapter self-assessments, “powerful question” features, and learning preferences grids that asks them to think about how they learn in a variety of situations. The text offers a pre- and post-course assessment.  The Habits for Success theme is now more integrated and practical.  Students assess which habits they’ll need in college and how to form those habits so they have the tools to increase their preparedness, confidence, and commitment to learning.   

Table of contents

Chapter 1 — Habits for Success:  Reality Check

Habit for Success:  Persist

Take Action: Prepare to Change a Habit

Real People Persist: Yvette Gomez, Graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Powerful Questions about Persisting

Inside Tips from Sarah, Self-Management Coach

Habit Summary: Persist


Chapter 2 — Learning Styles: Building and Using Self-Knowledge

Habit for Success: Keep Learning

Real People Keep Learning: Dr. Joyce Bishop, Professor of Psychology at Golden West College

Take Action: Link How You Learn to Coursework and Major

Inside Tips from Carol, Career Coach

Powerful Questions about Continuing to Learn


Chapter 3 — Time and Money: Managing Important Resources

Habit for Success: Think Before You Act

Take Action: Make a To-Do List

Inside Tips from Joyce, Technology Coach

Powerful Questions about Thinking Before You Act

Real People Think Before They Act: Drs. Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins, Graduates of Seton Hall University

Take Action: Map Out Your Budget

Habit Summary: Think Before You Act


Chapter 4 — Setting and Reaching Goals: Using Values, Stress Management, and Teamwork

Habit for Success: Reach Out to Others

Take Action: Explore Your Core Values

Take Action: Create a SMART Goal Achievement Plan

Powerful Questions about Reaching Out to Others

Real People Reach Out to Others: Louise Gaile Edrozo, Graduate of the Registered Nursing Program at Highline Community College, Des Moines, Washington

Habit Summary: Reach Out to Others


Chapter 5 — Critical and Creative Thinking: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Habit for Success: Create and Imagine

Take Action: Analyze a Statement

Real People Create and Imagine: Charlie Reinhardt, Graduate Student in Hotel Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Powerful Questions about Creating and Imagining

Take Action: Gather Evidence of Your Creativity

Inside Tips from Carol, Career Coach

Habit Summary: Create and Imagine


Chapter 6 — Memory: Maximizing Recall for Test Success

Habit for Success: Put Your Senses to Work

Real People Put Their Senses to Work Through the Power of Memory: Henry Gustav Molaison, a Man Without a Memory

Take Action: Linking Memorization and Critical Thinking

Inside Tips from Joyce, Technology Coach

Take Action: Create Your Own Mnemonic

Powerful Questions about Putting Your Senses to Work

Habit Summary: Put Your Sense to Work


Chapter 7 — Reading and Studying: Focusing on Print and Online Materials

Habit for Success: Ask Questions

Take Action: Survey a Text

Inside Tips from Sarah, Self-Management

Real People Ask Questions: Candace Payne, George Washington University, Pre-Med Student

Take Action: Mark Up a Page to Learn

Powerful Questions about Asking Questions

Habit Summary: Ask Questions


Chapter 8 — Reading Across the Disciplines: Math, Science, Social Science, and Literacy Texts

Habit for Success: Use What You Know

Powerful Questions about Using What You Know

Inside Tips from Joyce, Technology Coach

Real People Use What They Know to Learn and Solve Problems: Laban Seyoum, Political Science Graduate Student, Southern Connecticut State University

Take Action: Connect Courses in Different Disciplines to Your Own Success

Habit Summary: Use What You Know


Chapter 9 — Active Listening and Note Taking: Taking In and Recording Information

Habit for Success: Listen Actively

Powerful Questions about Listening Actively

Real People Listen Actively: Ismael Valenzuela, Iraq War Veteran and Student at the Borough of Manhattan Community College

Inside Tips from Carol, Career Coach

Take Action: Prepare to Listen and Take Notes in Your Hardest Class

Take Action: Combine Class and Text Notes

Habit Summary: Listen Actively


Chapter 10 — Test Taking I: Test Preparation and Objective Tests

Habit for Success: Take Responsible Risks

Take Action: Organize for Test Success

Powerful Questions about Responsible Risk

Inside Tips from Sarah, Self-Management

Real People Take Responsible Risks: Carla Baku, Stanford University English Major

Take Action: Learn from Your Mistakes

Habit Summary: Take Responsible Risks


Chapter 11 — Test Taking II: Getting Results on Essay Tests and Graded Projects

Habit for Success: Be Flexible

Inside Tips from Carol, Career Coach

Take Action: Write to the Action Verb

Real People Think Flexibly: Abigail Holtz, Transferred to Tufts University from Art School

Powerful Questions about Flexibility

Take Action: Be Part of a Virtual Team

Habit Summary: Be Flexible


Chapter 12 — Moving Toward Success: Putting Habits to Work

How Do the Habits for Success Keep You Moving Ahead?

How Can You Apply Each Habit Toward Positive Change?

How Will the Habits Power Your Successful Future?


Appendix A — Guide to Library and Internet Research

Appendix B — Communicating Ideas Through Writing

Appendix C — Problem-Solving Strategies for Math and Science Courses



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