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Keys to Medical Assisting Pocket Guide, 1st edition

  • Jahangir Moini

Published by Pearson (April 29th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

Keys to Medical Assisting Pocket Guide

ISBN-13: 9780132302111

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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Designed as a quick reference for students in their externship and medical assistants on the job, Pocket Guide for Medical Assistants is the perfect tool for success! Highlighting both the administrative and clinical daily tasks of the medical assistant, this is the complete pocket guide at your fingertips.  Each section summarizes the steps required for administrative, clinical, and laboratory procedures that the medical assistant must know. As an added bonus the fire proof, water proof, and tear resistant paper allows you to take this pocket guide anywhere! 


Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents

Section I         Administrative Medical Assisting

Chapter 1         General Medical Office Duties

Chapter 2         Appointment Scheduling

Chapter 3         Mail Processing and Managing Correspondence

Chapter 4         Medical Records Management

Chapter 5         Communication

Section II        Financial Management

Chapter 6         Purchasing and Banking for the Medical Office

Chapter 7         Health Insurance

Chapter 8         Medical Coding

Section III      Clinical Medical Assisting

Chapter 9         Infection Control and Principles of Asepsis

Chapter 10       Minor Surgery

Chapter 11       Vital Signs and Preparing the Patient

Chapter 12       Electrocardiography

Chapter 13       Radiology

Chapter 14       Medical Emergencies

Section IV       Basic Pharmacology and Administration of Medications

Chapter 15       Introduction to Pharmacology

Chapter 16       Drug Calculations

Chapter 17       Administering Medications

Section V        Laboratory Procedures

Chapter 18       Phlebotomy and Hematology

Chapter 19       Medical Microbiology

Chapter 20       Urinalysis


Appendix A     Abbreviations and Symbols

Appendix B     Commonly Misspelled Medical Terms

Appendix C     Frequently Used Computer Terms

Appendix D     Proofreader’s Marks

Appendix E     Rules for Alphabetic Filing

Appendix F     Anatomy of MyPyramid

Appendix G    Vitamins and Minerals

Appendix H     CMA Examination

Appendix I       Laboratory Requisition Form

Appendix J      Normal Laboratory Test Values

Appendix K     Overview of Body Systems and their Functions

Appendix L      Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature Equivalents

Appendix M     Apothecary/Household/Metric Equivalents

Appendix N     Immunizations and Vaccinations

Appendix O   &nb

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