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Keys to Success Quick, 1st edition

  • Carol J. Carter
  • Joyce Bishop
  • Sarah Lyman Kravits

Published by Pearson (August 26th 2014) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

Keys to Success Quick (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132998642

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Table of contents



Chapter 1        Welcome to College: Attitudes and Actions for Success

Chapter 2        Goals and Time: Planning Your Future and Your Time Wisely

Chapter 3        Learning How You Learn: Making the Most of Your Abilities

Chapter 4        Critical, Creative, and Practical Thinking: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Chapter 5        Reading and Information Literacy: Learning from Print and Online Materials

Chapter 6        Listening and Note Taking: Taking In and Recording Information

Chapter 7        Memory and Studying: Retaining What You Learn

Chapter 8        Test Taking: Showing What You Know

Chapter 9        Diversity and Communication: Making Relationships Work

Chapter 10      Wellness and Stress Management: Staying Healthy in Mind and Body

Chapter 11      Managing Money: Living Within Your Means

Chapter 12      Careers and More: Building a Successful Future





Supplemental Resources



Chapter 1 Welcome to College: Attitudes and Actions for Success

Quick Check: How Prepared Are You For College?

What Does College Offer and Expect of You?

§         The Culture of College

§         Connect with People

§         Connect with Technology and Written Resources

·        The Three Thinking Skills

What Thinking Skills Can Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Think Critically: Analyze the Effect of Education

·        How Thinking Skills Move You Toward Your Goals

How Can a “Growth Mindset” Help You Succeed?

·        Be Responsible

·        Practice Academic Integrity

Think Creatively: Imagine Your Potential

·        Face Your Fears

How Can You Work Effectively with Others?

·        Emotional Intelligence

·        Strategies for Study Group Success

Think Practically: Connect College to Career

How Does College Prepare You for Work and Life Success?


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