Know More English: From Sentences to Paragraphs, 3rd edition

  • Thom Sunega

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Intended for all students in English communications or improvement courses who are preparing for employment, post-secondary studies, or vocational training. The focus of Know More English, Third Edition continues to be on improving communication skills through an understanding of the fundamentals of composition, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. It functions as both a reference and refresher text for those who wish to upgrade their English usage skills.

Table of contents

1. Spelling and Usage Improvement.

Quick and Easy Spelling Rules. Words with Troublesome Spelling. Good Word Usage. Articles. The Apostrophe. Capital Letters.

2. Sentence Improvement.

Subjects and Predicates. More Subjects and Predicates. Clauses. Sentence Types. Correcting Run-On Sentences. Correcting Sentence Fragments. Sentence Combining. Correcting Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers Correcting Faulty Parallel Structure Correcting Shifts in Tense.

3. Sentence Agreement.

Subject-Verb Agreement. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement. Pronoun Reference. Pronoun Usage Problems.

4. Punctuation Perfection.

The Period. The Question Mark and the Exclamation Mark. The Comma. The Colon. The Semicolon. Quotation Marks.

5. The Writing Process.

Before You Start. How Do I Start? The Topic Sentence. Organizing Your Ideas. The Descriptive Paragraph. The Process Paragraph The Persuasion Paragraph The Narrative Paragraph The Comparison and Contrast Paragraph Paragraph Review.

Addendum A: The Parts of Speech.

Addendum B: Common Adjective Forms.

Addendum C: Common Regular And Irregular Verbs.

Answer Key.


Published by Pearson Canada (August 1st 1997) - Copyright © 1998