Kodaly Method I, The: Comprehensive Music Education, 3rd edition

  • Lois Choksy

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Designed to provide sample month-by-month and yearly plans for each grade level from one to six, this step-by-step guide features a collection of more than 200 songs—many of which are new to the Third Edition—organized precisely in the sequence of the Kodaly Method. KEY TOPICS: It presents a highly sequential music program in which singing, moving, listening, musical reading and writing, improvising and composing are the means through which children develop skills and acquire knowledge about melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, timbre, and dynamics.

Table of contents

1. The Beginnings of the Method in Hungary and Its International Spread.

2. The Method: Its Sequence, Tools, Materials, and Philosophy.

3. Kodály for North American Schools: Preschool and Grade One.

4. Kodály for North American Schools: Grade Two.

5. Kodály for North American Schools: Grade Three.

6. Kodály for North American Schools: Grade Four.

7. Kodály for North American Schools: Grades Five and Six.

8. Planning for Musical Learning in North American Schools.

9. The Songs.

Alphabetical Index of Songs with Analysis for Teaching Purposes.



Published by Pearson (October 14th 1998) - Copyright © 1999