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For courses in medical-surgical nursing, and lab and diagnosis/diagnostic tests.

A complete nurse’s guide to applying lab results and diagnoses to patient care
Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures with Nursing Diagnoses teaches students how to use data from lab tests and diagnostic procedures to plan nursing care, while emphasizing the human side of testing. Guided by case studies and NCLEX®-style questions, students can practice applying knowledge of tests and diagnoses to varied clinical situations. The 9th edition is useful as both a theory text and a quick reference guide. It reflects new evidenceͭbased practice standards and introduces new and expanded uses for tests, with a special focus on genetic and rapid tests.

Table of contents

1. Using Laboratory Data
2. Hematology Tests and Related Tests
3. Routine Urinalysis and Other Urine Tests
4. Renal Function Tests
5. Four Commonly Measured Electrolytes
6. Arterial Blood Gases and Related Tests
7. Three Less Commonly Measured Electrolytes and Vitamin D
8. Tests to Measure the Metabolism of Glucose and Other Sugars
9. Tests to Measure Lipid Metabolism and Other Cardiac Risk Factors
10. Tests Related to Serum Protein Levels, Tumor Markers, and Cancer Genomics
11. Tests to Measure the Metabolism of Bilirubin
12. Tests to Measure Enzymes and Cardiac Markers
13. Coagulation Tests and Tests to Detect Occult Blood
14. Serologic Tests: Immunohematology and Immunology
15. Endocrine Tests
16. Cultures and Rapid Tests for Infections
17. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology Screens
18. Tests Performed in Pregnancy and the Newborn Period

19. Practice Interpretation of Laboratory Data

20. Diagnostic Radiologic Tests
21. Body Scans: CT, DXA, MRI, PET, and SPECT
22. Nuclear Scans: Diagnostic Tests with Radionuclides or Radioisotopes
23. Diagnostic Ultrasonography
24. Common Noninvasive Diagnostic Tests
25. Common Invasive Tests
26. Stress Tests, Cardiac Catheterizations, Electrophysiologic Studies, and Syncope Tests
27. Endoscopic Procedures
28. Diagnostic Procedures Related to Childbearing Years

A. Reference Values for Newborns and Children Compared with Adult Values
B. Possible Alterations in Reference Values for Older Adults
C. Altered Reference Values for Common Laboratory Tests in Normal Pregnancies
D. Units of Measure

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