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For courses in Introduction to Law Enforcement.


A current and practical look at policing practices from a big-picture perspective.

Law Enforcement in the 21st Century keeps readers up-to-date in this ever-evolving field providing a synthesis of the latest research literature with practical insights from the field. The important theme of linkage blindness is a central theme throughout, highlighting the multi-jurisdictional complexities of policing in the United States and abroad. Linkage blindness is then used as an important pedagogical tool to frame realistic critical-thinking exercises.


The Fourth Edition reflects the many challenges that have faced policing in the recent months and years. New chapter introductions — drawn from contemporary issues related to the use of force, community relations, and gun control — update the text for the current classroom. New concepts are added to the discussion, including student appreciation for the importance of police legitimacy. Greater attention is also paid to new technologies being piloted across the United States.


Table of contents

Part 1

Law Enforcement in the Criminal Justice System 1

Chapter 1 Law Enforcement in a Democratic Society 1

Chapter 2 Origins and Development of Law Enforcement 28

Chapter 3 Law Enforcement and the Law 57

Part 2

Law Enforcement Organizations–Operations and Conduct 81

Chapter 4 Policing Functions and Units 81

Chapter 5 Policing Discretion and Behavior 105

Chapter 6 Patrol and Traffic 130

Chapter 7 Search and Seizure, Arrest, and Interrogation 150

Chapter 8 Investigation and Evidence Collection 171

Chapter 9 Policing the Police 192

Part 3
Policing in the Twenty-First Century 212

Chapter 10 Policing Multicultural Communities 212

Chapter 11 Community Policing and Problem Solving 230

Chapter 12 Advances in Policing: New Technologies for Crime Analysis 255

Chapter 13 Standards for Police Recruitment 279

Glossary 299

Index 315

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