Law for Civil Engineers: An Introduction, 1st edition

  • K Manson
  • K Manson

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Civil engineering students are now expected to leave university with a basic grounding in the fundamentals of law as it applies to the profession, and to have an especially good grasp of highly relevant areas such as contract law. This book aims to satisfy these needs by providing an introductory overview of construction law from the perspective of the construction professional.

Through simple, thorough explanations and an abundance of quotations from decided cases, the author discusses the core topics of contract and tort and shows how the law is applied in practice.

Table of contents

1. General law.
2. General contract law.
3. Contracts for the supply of goods and service.
4. The institution of civil engineers form of contract.
5. Arbitration.
6. Torts.
7. Professional negligence.
8. Land law.
9. Highway law.
10. Employment law.
11. Industrial law.
12. Insurance.

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Published by Pearson (May 24th 1993) - Copyright © 1993