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  5. Leader's Guide to 21st Century Education, The: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts

Leader's Guide to 21st Century Education, The: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts, 1st edition

  • Ken Kay
  • Valerie Greenhill
Leader's Guide to 21st Century Education, The: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts

ISBN-13:  9780132117593

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In this all-new resource, educational leaders get a 7-Steps guide to moving their schools and districts forward in the quest to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century teaching and learning of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. This guide focuses on presenting an implementation-oriented resource for education leaders at all stages of implementation, from early through advanced.

Table of contents

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Step 1: Adopt Your Vision and Lead


8 Perspectives on 21st Century Life

Where to Start: The 4Cs

What to Add: Beyond the 4Cs

Coming to Closure

A Broader Vision for Teaching and Leadership


Step 2: Create a Community Consensus around the 4Cs


Use the 4Cs to Lead    

Communicate the Importance of the 4Cs

Collaborate around the 4Cs

Final Thoughts 


Step 3: Align Your System with the 4Cs

Alignment: Bringing the Work to Scale

What is 4Cs Alignment?

What Does Alignment Look Like? A Snapshot from Virginia Beach City Public Schools

How to Get Started: Using the MILE Guide Conclusion


Step 4: Build Professional Capacity


The 4Cs as the Design Principles for Professional Development

The 4Cs as the Focus of Professional Development

The Resources for Professional Development



Step 5: Embed the 4Cs in Curricula and Assessments

What is 4Cs Curricula?

Understanding by Design (UbD) and 4Cs Curricula

4Cs Curricula Actions Steps

4Cs and Assessment

The Good News about Assessment

Assessment Action Steps

What’s on the Horizon?           

Chapter Conclusion

Chapter Reflection


Step 6: Use the 4Cs to Engage and Support Teachers

Motivate Teachers

Focus on Student Work           

Prioritize 4Cs Pedagogies        

Strenghten the 4Cs Learning Environment

In Conclusion  




Step 7: Improve and Innovate

Introduction: Creating a “Step 7” Organization

Create a Culture that Supports Continuous Improvement

Focus Your Continuous Improvement on 4Cs Teaching and Learning

Expand Your 4Cs Continuous Improvement Strategy to Other Key Parts of Your Organization

Reflections on Continuous Improvement




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