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Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Education: Theory Into Practice, 1st edition

  • William A. Owings
  • Leslie S. Kaplan

Published by Pearson (July 31st 2011) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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&>Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Education puts theory into practice in a readable, teachable, relevant, and timely look at actual leadership behaviors through numerous case studies and personal experiences. Readers get a firm understanding of the information and how to relate it to their own personal experiences or transfer it to new situations.

The author addresses a number of “hot topics” in leadership and describes how to apply the concepts in actual work settings, now or in the future...

Table of contents



Chapter 1. Historical Overview of Leadership’s Role

Chapter 2. Historical Overview of Leadership in Organizations

Chapter 3. A New View of Leadership in Organizations

Chapter 4. Leadership Theories

Chapter 5. Leadership, Communication, and Vision

Chapter 6. Leadership and Motivation

Chapter 7. Leadership as Developing Capacity

Chapter 8. Leadership, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Chapter 9. Leadership and Resource Allocation

Chapter 10. Formative and Summative Evaluation Issues in Educational Leadership

Chapter 11. Ethics, Integrity, and Social Justice in Leadership

Chapter 12. Developing a an Educational Leader



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