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Leadership Practices for Special and General Educators, 1st edition

  • Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley
  • James E. Lyons

Published by Pearson (August 15th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Leadership Practices for Special and General Educators

ISBN-13: 9780132996327

Includes: Hardcover
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                                                        Leadership Practices for Special and General Educators

Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley and James E. Lyons



In this highly readable new book, pre- and in-service special and general education leaders get a comprehensive overview of the issues and challenges they face, along with viable options for choosing and implementing effective practices, resolving problems, and developing policies that work.Leadership Practices for Special and General Educators by Gloria Campbell-Whatley and James Lyons is clear, practical, authentic, and not overly theoretical. Recognizing the challenges involved in deciphering the federal statutes and regulations that govern special education, the authors present the material in a manner that lets the reader “cut to the chase” and readily get the gist of pertinent issues that relate to special education. Legal, practical, and logistical issues are covered, along with issues relating to sensitivity, fairness, and empathy and parental perceptions.



“It is very informative, well-developed and insightful–the topics included go beyond the basics to what is really essential for success as an administrator.”  --Jennifer Naddeo, Professor, Loyola University Chicago, Department of Education, Chicago, IL


“It is written in a manner that the school leader in training, as well as seasoned school leaders, can read to gain a good solid understanding of special education law, implementation, strategies and solutions.  I could see this book becoming one of the textbooks an individual keeps and adds to their professional library to serve as a reference.”  --Ruth K. Klein, Ed. D, Adjunct Professor, LeMoyne College, Department of Education, Syracuse, New York



Dr. Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Child Development at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has delivered numerous national and international presentations, workshops, and strands. Her specialty is infusing diversity into higher education and K-12 curriculum and she also offers solutions for behavior problems, response to intervention, and social skills training in public schools.  Dr. Campbell-Whatley has written several articles related to multicultural education and published two books on behavior.  Her research focus is diversity, social skills and behavior, and administration in special education. She received her doctorate at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.


Professor James E. Lyons has served as a faculty member and administrator at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte since 1979. During his 30-plus years at the university, he has taught hundreds of students who have become successful school leaders in North Carolina and beyond. Prior to entering the professorship, he served as a high school teacher, principal, and school management consultant for the Ohio Department of Education. In recognition of the exce

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Educational Leadership: An Evolving Role

Chapter 2: Laws and Policy Affecting Schools: Going Beyond Compliance

Chapter 3: School Reform and the Standards-Embedded Curriculum

Chapter 4: Assessment Procedures and the IEP

Chapter 5: Discipline: Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans

Chapter 6:  Building Ethos and Interpersonal Relationships with Families and Students

Chapter 7:  Transitioning from Early Intervention to Adulthood

Chapter 8: Response to Intervention and Inclusion:  Facilitating Instructional Arrangements        

Chapter 9: Leadership in a Multicultural Setting

Chapter 10: Universal Design for Learning: Accessing the General Curriculum with Effective Teaching

Chapter 11: Program Evaluation

Chapter 12: Human Resources

Chapter 13: School Finance and Special Education

Chapter 14: Transportation and Facility Issues

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