Leading a Software Development Team: A developer's guide to successfully leading people & projects, 1st edition

  • Richard Whitehead

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This book aims to provide help and advice for IT professionals in this situation by offering solutions to the most commonly encountered problems, such as getting a project out on time, coping with the demands of leading a team, implementing new methodologies or technologies. It is written by a team leader for other team leaders with a focus on practical advice rather than management theory or process issues. It would be targeted at experienced software engineers, developers and architects who have been promoted to the role of team leader.

Table of contents

Foreword by Shari Lawrence Pfleeger



1 IҶe just been made team leader of a new project. Where do I start?

2 Iҭ taking over the leadership of an existing project. Where do I start?

3 I am the most experienced engineer on the team. If I let others do the design and coding, they will not do it as well as I would. How can I do the important design and coding, if I am expected to write documents and plans all the time?

4 When should I review other peopleҳ work, and how?

5 When should I call a meeting and how should I chair it?

6 I have to interview a job applicant. How do I go about it?

7 How do I make a presentation?

8 How do I earn the respect of my team?


9 How do I draw up a project plan? What use is it?

10 IҶe been told when I must deliver my project, but the time-scale doesnҴ seem realistic to me. What should I do?

11 How can I stop my project from coming in late?

12 My team is working closely with another team, but the quality of their output is poor. What can I do?

13 My last project never seems to go away, Iҭ constantly doing fixes and changes to it. What can I do?

14 How can I get a good job done when our procedures are so bad?


15 What is meant by Ѵeambuildingҿ Is there something Iҭ supposed to be doing to build a better team?

16 Sometimes I think Iҭ being a soft touch and letting people walk all over me. Other times I think people resent me for interfering. How do I know when Iҭ getting the style right?

17 One of my team members is an expert in an important aspect of the project that I know little about. I feel like a fool trying to lead on this issue. What can I do?

18 I canҴ get my team to do any design or documentation, they just want to code. What can I do?

19 When should I let someone do a thing their own way, and when should I make them do it my way?

20 How many hours should I and my team be working?

21 I want to praise people when they do well, but it sounds so condescending. How should I reward good work?

22 IҶe got someone on my team whoҳ a real problem. What should I do?

23 I think one of my people is going to leave. How can I prevent them from going?

24 One of my team is spending too much time chatting and web browsing. What should I do?



25 What is meant by Ѳequirements captureҿ How do I go about it?

26 The customer keeps asking for changes and improvements. Can I really say Ѯoҿ


27 Iҭ very stressed at the moment, and so are some of my team. What can I do about it?

28 My team seems to spend too much time arguing. What can I do?


29 I want to tackle the project in a particular way. How can I make sure that my management will let me?

30 My boss is useless. How can I put up with this?

31 I feel Iҭ not getting the support I need from management. What can I do about it?


32 I constantly have to make decisions on the project, often with little time for consideration. How can I be confident that Iҭ getting the decisions right?

33 I have to take a decision, and it involves taking a significant risk. How can I decide whether to take the risk?


34 Is ѡnalysisҠreally necessary, or can I go straight into design?

35 How do I decide on the best architecture and design for my project?

36 We have adopted an object-oriented approach, but everyone on the team seems to have a different idea about how best to use it. How should an object-oriented approach be used?

37 Several of my team members want to adopt a new technology on the project. Should we use the new technology or do it Ѵhe old wayҿ

38 The design of my project is in a mess. The architecture needs restructuring, but thereҳ no time to do it. What should I do?


39 Should I concentrate on unit testing or final testing of my project in order to catch the most bugs in the least time? /

40 WeҲe about to release our product to our customer. How can I make sure it goes well?

41 Conclusions

42 Bibliography



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