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Learn How to Study and SOAR to Success, 1st edition

  • Kenneth A. Kiewra

Published by Pearson (October 13th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

Learn How to Study and SOAR to Success

ISBN-13: 9780131135628

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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//-->1356O-5, 0-13-113562-7, Kiewra, Kenneth A., How to Study: Effectively Using the Pie Tap System, 1/E//--> A book that finally tells readers from all backgrounds exactly what to do when they study! Presenting a concept called SOAR, it allows them to soar to success. Sound practical advice is given for selecting (S), organizing (O), associating (A), and regulating (R) learning, all in a clear and entertaining manner. KEY TOPICS: All topics in this brief yet complete book are chosen to give readers the best information available on the most effective study practices, whether they are taking classes, need to study for business-related certification exams, or want to retain information from what they read daily. SOAR applications are comprehensively covered. MARKET: An excellent resource for any reader who wants to improve retention and simplify the exam-taking process.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter includes an Overview, Focus Questions, a Summary, and Answers to Focus Questions.)

1. Lift Off to SOAR.

2. Select Information.

3. Organize Information.

4. Associate Information.

5. Regulate Learning.

6. Arrange a Successful Study Routine to Help You SOAR.

7. Harness the Will to SOAR.

8. SOAR Applications.

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