Learn Visual dBasic Programming: A Hands-on Guide to Object Oriented Database Programming, 1st edition

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Learn Visual dBASE® Programming helps you master two criticaldatabase technologies--object-oriented programming and Windows programming--sothat you can fully exploit Visual dBASE's major new capabilities.

dBASE guru Martin Rinehart shows you how to develop professional-qualityWindows applications. He focuses particularly on event-driven Windowsprogramming methods and on creating reusable object classes for current andfuture projects.

Learn Visual dBASE Programming features hundreds ofauthoritative tips that will enable you to maximize the strengths of thispowerful new product. Discover how to develop from scratch important Windowsclasses not included in Visual dBASE, including:

  • speedbars

  • calendars

  • classes simulating multiple-inheritance

  • outline browsers.

Learn Visual dBASE Programming's companion disk contains Windowsclasses that include trees, outlines, calendars, and critical path planning.During the course of this book you'll learn how to build professional-qualityobjects using the techniques you've mastered.


Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (November 30th 1994) - Copyright © 1994