Learning Disabilities and Life Stories, 1st edition

  • Pano Rodis
  • Andrew Garrod
  • Mary Lynn Boscardin

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This anthology is comprised of two major components: thirteen full-length, autobiographical essays written by persons with learning disabilities and five analytical chapters written by education and psychology scholars. KEY TOPICS: Speaking in terms alternately intimate and analytical, the autobiographical essays each tell of a sustained personal encounter with the challenges and mysteries of living with a learning disability. But these autobiographies are not merely personal, concerned solely with their writers' private lives. Rather, they are also in various ways consciously analytical, offering astute critical readings of culture and society. The scholarly essays are written by such noted educators and psychologists as Lisa Delpit, Robert Kegan, and Janet Lerner. MARKET: For any educator or parent of students with learning disabilities.

Table of contents




 1.Oliver Queen, Blake Academy and the Green Arrow.

 2.Lynn Pelkey, In the LD Bubble.

 3.Aaron Piziali, Revolution.

 4.Christie Jackson, Look in the Mirror and See What I See.

 5.Michael Sanders, Trusting My Strengths.

 6.Gretchen O'Connor, Bad.

 7.Joshua Green, ADHD: Window, Weapon, or Support.

 8.Velvet Cunningham, Lovelvet.

 9.Garett Day, Finally Saying What I Mean.

10.Kevin Marshall, Jr., I Will Not Succumb to Obstacles.

11.Kelly Miskell, Learning to Raise My Hand.

12.Nelson Vee, Riding the Drug and Alcohol Train.

13.Alison May, Figuring out My World.



14.Lisa Delpit, “Skin-Deep” Learning.15.Carol S. Witherell and Pano Rodis, “Shimmers of Delight and Intellect”: Building Learning Communities of Promise and Possibility.16.Harold McGrady, Janet Lerner, and Mary Lynn Boscardin, The Educational Lives of Students with Learning Disabilities.

17.Robert Kegan, Easing a World of Pain: Learning Disabilities and the Psychology of Self-Understanding.18.Pano Rodis, Forging Identities, Tackling Problems, and Arguing with Culture: Psychotherapy with Persons Who Have Learning Disabilities.Appendix: Resource List for Persons with Learning Disabilities.Glossary.Bibliography.About the Editors and Contributors.Index.

Published by Pearson (June 9th 2000) - Copyright © 2001