Legal, Political & Regulatory Environment in EMS, 1st edition

  • John M. Murphy
  • Jeffrey T. Lindsey


Legal, Political, and Regulatory Environment of EMS is designed to provide EMS managers with a foundational understanding of the regulatory issues that affect EMS delivery. For information on teaching and learning resources, please contact your Brady representative.

Teaching and Learning Experience
  • Examples throughout the text provide the EMS manager with a solid understanding of the issues affecting the legal, political, and regulatory environment of EMS.
  • Offers EMS managers a solid foundation of understanding of each of the topic areas.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Basic Framework of the United States Legal System
Chapter 2: History of EMS Law
Chapter 3: Forming an EMS System
Chapter 4: Employment and Staffing
Chapter 5: Compensation and Benefits
Chapter 6: Safety Considerations
Chapter 7: Records Retention Privacy and Confidentiality
Chapter 8: Personnel Management Issues
Chapter 9: Legal Pitfalls of Discipline, Terminations, Layoffs
Chapter 10: The Many Faces of Negligence
Chapter 11: Funding
Chapter 12: National EMS Representation
Chapter 13: Professional Organizations
Chapter 14: Advocating for Change

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