Linear System Theory, 2nd edition

  • Wilson J. Rugh

Linear System Theory

ISBN-13:  9780134412054

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Linear System Theory, Second Edition, outlines the basic theory of linear systems in a unified, accessible, and careful manner, with parallel, independent treatment of continuous-time and discrete-time linear systems.

Table of contents


 1. Mathematical Notation and Review.

 2. State Equation Representation.

 3. State Equation Solution.

 4. Transition Matrix Properties.

 5. Two Important Cases.

 6. Internal Stability.

 7. Lyapunov Stability Criteria.

 8. Additional Stability Criteria.

 9. Controllability and Observability.

10. Realizability.

11. Minimal Realization.

12. Input-Output Stability.

13. Controller and Observer Forms.

14. Linear Feedback.

15. State Observation.

16. Polynomial Fraction Description.

17. Polynomial Fraction Applications.

18. Geometric Theory.

19. Applications of Geometric Theory.

20. Discrete Time: State Equations.

21. Discrete Time: Two Important Cases.

22. Discrete Time: Internal Stability.

23. Discrete Time: Lyapunov Stability Criteria.

24. Discrete Time: Additional Stability Criteria.

25. Discrete Time: Reachability and Observability.

26. Discrete Time: Realization.

27. Discrete Time: Input-Output Stability.

28. Discrete Time: Linear Feedback.

29. Discrete Time: State Observation.

Author Index.

Subject Index.

Published by Pearson (August 3rd 1995) - Copyright © 1996