Linear Systems, 1st edition

  • Thomas Kailath

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  • develops and exploits the structure of finite-dimensional linear systems.
  • unifies state-space and transfer-function analysis.
  • carefully develops and uses interrelations with state-space descriptions to illuminate both approaches.
  • avoids the development of purely mathematical topics — all mathematical results are used in some significant systems problem.
  • keeps the proofs as simple and direct as possible.

Table of contents

1. Background Material.

2. State-Space Descriptions — Some Basic Concepts.

3. Linear State Variable Feedback.

4. Asymptotic Observers and Compensator Design.

5. Some Algebraic Complements.

6. State-Space and Matrix-Fraction Descriptions of Multi-Variable Systems.

7. State-Feedback and Compensator Design.

8. General Differential Systems and PMDs.

9. Some Results for Time-Variant Systems.

Published by Pearson (November 1st 1979) - Copyright © 1980