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  4. LinkedIn for Business: How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople Get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Business: How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople Get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedIn, 1st edition

  • Brian Carter

Published by Que Publishing (August 1st 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Increase Your LinkedIn Leads, Sales, and Profits: Attract Higher-Quality Leads, Market More Effectively, Boost Your Sales
This book delivers a complete system for profiting from LinkedIn. Top social media marketer Brian Carter shows you how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your existing business-to-business marketing, advertising, and sales processes, generate more qualified leads, and build sales in powerful new ways! Through case studies, Carter reveals how innovative businesses of all types are achieving amazing results with LinkedIn and teaches specific, actionable lessons you can apply right now. Whether you’re an advertising expert, content marketer, sales professional, PR pro, B2B executive, or social media specialist, LinkedIn offers you far more power than you may realize--and this book will help you leverage all of it!

  • Identify the fastest, easiest ways to profit from LinkedIn
  • Apply today’s 15 most valuable Internet marketing principles to your LinkedIn presence
  • Network for dollars, with this book’s proven six-step relationship-building process
  • Find hot prospects through quick LinkedIn prospecting and introductions
  • Use LinkedIn as a “passive prospecting platform”: Generate more leads without more work!
  • Attract “mega-leads” through LinkedIn Answers, Events, and Groups
  • Strengthen brand awareness and spread key messages
  • Leverage content marketing (infographics and more) to boost brand awareness and generate more leads
  • Accelerate your sales cycle with LinkedIn
  • Improve your lead funnel and ensure that prospects are qualified before they talk to salespeople
  • Establish efficient weekly LinkedIn marketing routines
  • Optimize LinkedIn ad campaigns to maximize clicks, leads, and sales

Table of contents

Part I: LinkedIn for Business
Chapter 1: Twenty-first Century Sales and Marketing: LinkedIn Meets Marketing, Advertising, and Sales     1

Networking and Business: Face-to-Face and Online     2
Social Media and Revenue     4
The History of LinkedIn     7
Why LinkedIn Is Relevant to Your Business     8
Why LinkedIn Is More Than a Modern Rolodex     9
How Your Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Teams Achieve Goals with LinkedIn     10
LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories     11
Joining LinkedIn Was Worth Nearly Half a Million Dollars     16
Part II: LinkedIn Marketing
Chapter 2: Best Practices: Online Marketing and LinkedIn     19

The History of Online Marketing and Its Best Practices     20
Fifteen Internet Marketing Principles That Apply to LinkedIn     24
Summary     38
Chapter 3: Impressive Employees: LinkedIn Profile Enhancement, Findability, and Thought Leadership     41
Socially Networked Employees Are Influential and Create Valuable Audiences     42
How to Create Impressive LinkedIn Employee Profiles     44
Incorporating Facebook and Twitter     51
Adding Apps to Your Profile     52
Growing Initial Connections     52
Making Sure Employee Profiles Are Visible and Findable     53
Shaping LinkedIn Profiles for Employees     57
Profile Maintenance     63
Summary     63
Chapter 4: Amazing Brands: Company Pages That Grow Business     65
Company Page Setup Tips     69
Promoting Your Products and Services     71
Company Page Analytics     72
Summary     76
Chapter 5: Generating Leads with Content Marketing and LinkedIn Answers, Events, & Groups     77
Content Marketing and Thought Leadership     78
Leveraging LinkedIn Answers for Inbound Leads     80
Participating, Creating, Growing, and Managing LinkedIn Groups     89
Leveraging LinkedIn Events to Promote Your Company     97
Summary     104
Chapter 6: Get It All Done: Your Weekly LinkedIn Marketing Routine     107
One-Time Setup Activities     108
Ongoing Marketing Activities     108
Scheduling It!      110
Summary     114
Part III: LinkedIn Advertising
Chapter 7: Best Practices: Online Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising     115

Advertising Approach #1: Media Buying for Branding Purposes     118
Advertising Approach #2: Direct Marketing and Profitability     119
Advertising Approach #3: A Combination of the First Two Approaches     120
Social Media Advertising     121
Online Advertising Best Practices     122
Comparing Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads     128
Ad Services Through LinkedIn Reps     131
Summary     133
Chapter 8: Win First with Strategy: Inbound Advertising and Marketing with LinkedIn     135
How Does Inbound Marketing Dovetail with Advertising?      136
The Sales Funnel: Advertising, Marketing, and Sales     136
Why Is Marketing Automation Important?      138
Strategies for LinkedIn Advertising     140
Advertising Goals and Metrics     144
Summary     146
Chapter 9: B2B Advertising: How to Create and Optimize LinkedIn Ads     147
Creating Your First Campaign     148
Targeting Audiences     149
Campaign Options     154
What Kind of Results Should You Expect?      156
Chapter 10: Advanced Strategies and Tactics for High-Impact LinkedIn Ads     159
Optimize Your Results by Creating Better Ads     160
Get Better Results with Better Targeting     164
Relevance: Know Your Audience     169
How to Get Better Ideas     171
Supplementing with Facebook and AdWords Ads     174
Part IV: LinkedIn Sales
Chapter 11: Best Practices: Traditional and Modern Sales     175

Sales All-Time Best Practices     176
Best Practices in Twenty-first Century Sales     184
How LinkedIn Changes Sales...or Doesn’t     188
Chapter 12: Salespeople and Social Sales     193
Less Interruption, More Discovery     194
What Is “Social Sales”?      195
What Motivates Salespeople?      197
Chapter 13: Social Sales Prospecting and Making Contact     201
Finding New Customers with LinkedIn     202
The Six Steps of Relationship Building     205
More Ways to Contact New Prospects     209
More Real-world Experiences with LinkedIn Social Sales     210
Part V: Conclusions
Chapter 14: How Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Employees Work Together for Extraordinary B2B Results     213

The Benefits of Teamwork     214
Seven Topics for Team Collaboration     215
For Advertising People: How to Mesh with Sales and Marketing     215
For Marketing People: How to Mesh with Advertising and Sales     216
For Salespeople: How to Mesh with Marketing and Advertising     218
Chapter 15: The LinkedIn Advantage: Five Organizational Shifts That Support B2B Success     221
The Internet Changes Quickly and Often     222
Adopting New Opportunities at the Right Time     222
How Much Change Are We Talking About?      223
Critical Shifts for Your Organization     224
Chapter 16: Social Prospects: The Future of B2B Social Media     229
Ride Every Wave of Opportunity     230
Online Marketing Trends     231
People Trends     236
Summary     239
Index     241

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