Linking Assessment to Instruction in Multi-Tiered Models: A Teacher's Guide to Selecting, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Interventions, 1st edition

  • John J. Hoover

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With a unique classroom focus, Linking Assessment to Instruction in Multi-Tiered Models, 1e shows teachers how to direct multi-tiered instruction and adjust their teaching based on screening, monitoring and diagnostic achievement scores. Beyond a theoretical perspective, this two-part text explores the multi-tiered instructional model found within the RTI framework and how to best implement it in the classroom setting. It includes reading, writing, and mathematics interventions that can be used for core Tier 1 instruction, supplemental Tier 2 supports and intensive Tier 3 interventions. Throughout the book, its emphasis is on using assessment data to make important instructional decisions that meet learner needs.

Table of contents

PART I – Framework, Process and Collaboration in Multi-tiered Instructional Models

Chapter 1: Structure of Multi-Tiered Instructional Models

Chapter Overview/Key Terms

Overview of Multi-Tiered Instructional Models



Chapter 2:  Process of Multi-Tiered Instructional Models

Chapter Overview/Key Terms


Multi-Tiered Instructional Delivery Process

Multi-Tiered Assessment Process

Interpreting Achievement Data Scores

Framework for Making Instructional Adjustments

Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring Example: AIMSweb



Chapter 3: Collaboration to Implement Instructional Adjustments

Chapter Overview/Key Terms


Collaboration Model

Facilitating Change



Part II: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Interventions


Chapter 4: Evidence-Based Reading Practices

Chapter Overview/Key Terms


Foundations of Reading Instruction

Reading Interventions

Research-Based Comprehensive Reading Programs

Teacher and Student Strategies for Differentiated Reading Instruction



Chapter 5: Evidence-Based Writing Practices

Chapter Overview/Key Terms


Writing as a Process

Foundational Elements of Effective Writing

Writing Interventions

Comprehensive Writing Programs

Strategies for Differentiated Writing Instruction



Chapter 6: Evidence-Based Mathematics Practices

Chapter Overview/Key Terms

Foundation of Mathematics Instruction

Mathematics and Use of Mental Processes

Evidence-Based Mathematics Instruction

Comprehensive Mathematics Instructional Support Programs

Strategies for Differentiated Mathematics Instruction



Concluding Remarks: Meeting the Classroom Challenges of Multi-Tiered Instruction



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