Linux for Programmers and Users, 1st edition

  • Graham Glass
  • King Ables

Linux for Programmers and Users

ISBN-13:  9780131857483

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KEY BENEFITS:Offering full coverage of Linux in one source, this book documents the most commonly needed topics for new and experienced Linux users and programmers - including over 100 utilities and their common options. KEY TOPICS: Provides a good foundation of understanding for the most often-used Linux utilities. Devotes a chapter to helpful installation information for those who must install their own systems. Includes hundreds of command and code examples throughout. Provides approximately 50 diagrams throughout. Features FTP-able files; code used in the book will be made available on a website hosted by the publisher. MARKET: A useful reference for anyone using a Linux platform, including programmers, system administrators, and any user who must understand the operating system outside of a specific application.

Table of contents

What Is Linux? 1


Installing Your Linux System 17


GNU Utilities For Non-Programmers 43


GNU Utilities For Power Users 113


The Linux Shells 175


The Bourne Again Shell 211


The Korn Shell 255


The C Shell 307


Networking and The Internet 349


The Linux Desktop 391


C Programming Tools 417


Systems Programming 451


Linux Internals 555


System Administration 601


Appendix 621


Bibliography 637


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Published by Pearson (February 8th 2006) - Copyright © 2007