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Literature for Today's Young Adults, 9th edition

  • Alleen Pace Nilsen
  • James Blasingame
  • Kenneth L. Donelson
  • Don L. F. Nilsen

Published by Pearson (April 9th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

9th edition


Long respected as the number one book in the field, Literature for Today’s Young Adults gives teachers, librarians, parents, counselors, and other group leaders—as well as instructors and students in college courses in Adolescent/Young Adult Literature—a comprehensive look at YA literature framed within a literary, historical, and social context as a means to motivating teens to become life-long readers. Included is helpful information on evaluating YA books of all genres, using YA literature effectively with English Language Learners, incorporating digital and other new literacies into classroom teaching, and dealing with today’s increasingly diverse and challenging censorship issues.

Table of contents

Part One: Understanding Young Adults and Books

Chapter 1           Young Adults and Their Reading

Chapter 2         A Brief History of Young Adult Literature

Chapter 3         Digital and Other New Literacies for Teachers and Librarians


Part Two: Modern Young Adult Reading

Chapter 4         Contemporary Realistic Fiction: From Romances to Tragedies to Magical Realism

Chapter 5           Fantasy, Supernatural, Science Fiction, Utopias, and Dystopias

Chapter 6         Poetry, Drama, Humor, and New Media

Chapter 7           Adventure, Westerns, Sports, and Mysteries

Chapter 8         Historical Fiction: Of People and Places

Chapter 9           Nonfiction: Information, Literary Nonfiction, Biographies, and Self-Help Books


Part Three: Adults and the Literature of Young Adults

Chapter 10        Evaluating, Promoting, and Using Young Adult Books

Chapter 11          Young Adult Literature in the English Class

Chapter 12        Censorship: Of Worrying and Wondering        

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