Living Leadership: A Practical Guide for Ordinary Heroes, 3rd edition

  • George Binney
  • Colin Williams
  • Gerhard Wilke

Living Leadership

ISBN-13:  9780273772163

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Reassess your leadership style, discover how to connect with people, and become a leader who can make things happen in the real world.


Built on a unique four-year experiment working alongside real leaders in real businesses, Living Leadership explodes the myth of the charismatic, transformational leader, to show that real progress comes from the dramatically ordinary aspects of leadership.


From building relationships, to working with the grain of the organisation rather than against it, and to knowing our limitations as much as pushing every boundary, the new edition of this book will challenge you to push your leadership skills to a new level.


“Living Leadership shows how, when you take away the myths and misconceptions, leading can genuinely be made easier.” Hans Straberg, CEO, Electrolux


“A ‘how to’ book that redefines leadership in terms of the realities and choices facing people in organisations today.” Professor Michael Osbaldeston, Director of Cranfield School of Management

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Table of contents

Part 1: What it is


1.    Living leadership

2.    The end of Superman

3.    Get connected

4.    Get real

5.    Get help

6.    Surfing sinking and swimming

7.    Leading in the moment


Part 2: How it works


8.    Bosses

9. Self

10.  People

11.  Groups

12.   Strategy

13.   Change

14.  Development


Part 3: How to use it

15.  Coming alongside

16. Living with permanent transition?

A summary of living leadership

The research


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