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Logic and Design of Computer Programs, 1st edition

  • Jim Messinger
Logic and Design of Computer Programs

ISBN-13:  9781576761304

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The purpose of the book is to help readers learn general programming topics, structured programming principles, and how to use basic tools and algorithms.  KEY TOPICS: There are two modules contained in Messinger: ”Numbers and Computer Arithmetic” and “Function and Program Design." These modules make it obvious that the material does not have to be followed in a particular sequence. MARKET: Messinger is designed those interested in learning language-independent, introductory programming.

Table of contents

1 Introduction and Terminology

2 Structured Design & The Hierarchy Chart

3 Flowcharts, Pseudocode, and Sequential Structure

4 The Selection/Decision Structures

5 Compound Conditions

6 The Iteration Structures

7 Tables

8 Data Validation

9 File Processing and Maintenance

10 Business Reports

11 Other Programming Paradigms

12 Searching

13 Swapping and Sorting


Module 1 Numbers and Computer Arithmetic

Module 2 Modules: Functions and Program Design

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