Longman Companion to the Stuart Age 1603-1714, The, 1st edition

  • John Wroughton

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Provides comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the Stuart Age including political, religious and cultural developments as well as the English Civil Wars and colonial expansion. Particularly welcome is the detailed chronology of events in Scotland and Wales, an area so often neglected by historians.This is the successor volume to Rosemary O'Day's phenomenally successful Companion to the Tudor Age. It includes:

Table of contents

Section I: Chronologies:
Domestic Affairs
1. Chronology of Political Events.
2.Chronology of Religious Change.
3.Chronology of Military Events in England.
4. Chronology of Cultural Developments.

Section II: Chronologies: Foreign and Colonial Affairs.
1. Chronology of Foreign Policy.
2. Chronology of Trade and Colonies.
3. Chronology of Relations With Scotland and Ireland.

Section III: Lists of Office Holders and Dictionary of Terms.
1.Lists of Major Officers of State.
2. Dictionary of Constitutional, Political and Religious Terms.

Section IV Biographies.
Section V: Biography.

Maps and Tables.

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