Mac is not a typewriter, The, 2nd edition

  • Robin Williams

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One of the most popular Macintosh books ever written, The Mac is not a typewriter has been called the "Strunk and White of typography." Best-selling author Robin Williams's simple, logical principles for using type to produce beautiful, professional documents are as true now as they were when the original edition was published in 1989. This updated edition includes new examples and expanded information dedicated to the practical advice that made the first edition an enduring bestseller. Throughout, Robin shows you the small details that separate the pros from the amateurs: typographer versus typewriter quotation marks, en and em dashes, tabs and indents, kerning, leading, white space, widows and orphans, and hanging punctuation. If you prepare documents, you'll find The Mac is not a typewriter, Second Edition an indispensable guide. And those who read your documents will recognize the work of a pro, even if they don't know a curly quote from curly fries.

Table of contents


 1. One Space Between Sentences.

 2. Quotation Marks.

 3. Apostrophes.

 4. Dashes.

 5. Special Characters.

 6. Accent Marks.

 7. Underlining.

 8. Capitals.

 9. Kerning.

10. Tabs and Indents.

11. Widows & Orphans.

12. Hyphenations & Line Breaks.

13. Leading, or Linespace.

14. Paragraph Spacing.

15. Justified Text.

16. Hanging the Punctuation.

17. Serif and Sans Serif Fonts.

18. Combining Typefaces.

19. Numerals in Odd Places.

20. Miscellaneous.

21. On the Web.

22. Quiz.

Appendix A.

Appendix B.



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