Macroeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment, 10th edition

  • Michael Parkin
  • Robin Bade

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Known and highly respected for its analytical and serious approach to the study of economics, Parkin and Bade’s Macroeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment continues to be a global leader in teaching and learning.

Thoroughly updated, intuitive rather than technical, grounded in data and empirical evidence, extensively illustrated with well-chosen examples and photographs, enlivened with applications that focus on issues at play in today’s world, focused on learning-by-doing, and seamlessly integrated with MyLab Economics.

Features and benefits

MyLab gives you the tools you need to learn — and to get a better grade.

  • Personalized study tools: Show you what you know, what you don’t, and where to spend your time to fill the gaps.
  • Immediate feedback: On assignments and quizzes — and assistance with each problem if you need it — helps you get unstuck.
  • The mobile eText: Lets you learn on your terms, wherever you are.

Table of contents

Part One Introduction

Chapter 1 What Is Economics?

Chapter 2 The Economic Problem


Part Two How Markets Work

Chapter 3 Demand and Supply


Part Three Monitoring Macroeconomic Performance

Chapter 4 Measuring GDP and Economic Growth

Chapter 5 Monitoring Jobs and Inflation


Part Four Macroeconomic Trends

Chapter 6 Economic Growth

Chapter 7 Finance, Saving, and Investment

Chapter 8 Money, the Price Level, and Inflation

Chapter 9 The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments


Part Five Macroeconomic Fluctuations

Chapter 10 Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand

Chapter 11 Expenditure Multipliers

Chapter 12 The Business Cycle, Inflation, and Deflation


Part Six Macroeconomic Policy

Chapter 13 Fiscal Policy

Chapter 14 Monetary Policy

Chapter 15 International Trade Policy

Published by Pearson Canada (January 26th 2018) - Copyright © 2019