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Macroeconomics, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Stephen D. Williamson

Published by Pearson Canada (January 3rd 2017) - Copyright © 2018

5th edition

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The Williamson text provides a modern approach to macroeconomics in which core economic theory is explained with a focus on the micro foundations of macroeconomic theory. Williamson uses the fundamental concepts learned in microeconomics to understand macroeconomics.

Table of contents

Part 1           Introduction and Measurement Issues

Chapter 1      Introduction

Chapter 2      Measurement

Chapter 3      Business Cycle Measurement

Part 2           Basic Macroeconomic Models: A One-Period Model, and Models of Search and Unemployment (NEW PART TITLE)

Chapter 4      Consumer and Firm Behaviour: The Work–Leisure Decision and Profit Maximization

Chapter 5      A Closed-Economy One-Period Macroeconomic Model

Chapter 6      Search and Unemployment

Part 3           Economic Growth

Chapter 7      Economic Growth: Malthus and Solow

Chapter 8      Income Disparity Among Countries and Endogenous Growth

Part 4           Savings, Investment, and Government Deficits

Chapter 9      A Two-Period Model: The Consumption–Savings Decision and Credit Markets

Chapter 10    Credit Market Imperfections: Credit Frictions, Financial Crises, and Social Security

Chapter 11    A Real Intertemporal Model with Investment

Part 5           Money and Business Cycles

Chapter 12    Money, Banking, Prices, and Monetary Policy

Chapter 13    Business Cycle Models with Flexible Prices and Wages

Chapter 14    New Keynesian Economics: Sticky Prices

Chapter 15    Inflation: Phillips Curves and Neo-Fisherism (NEW CHAPTER)

Part 6           International Macroeconomics

Chapter 16    International Trade in Goods and Assets (4e Ch 15)

Chapter 17    Money in the Open Economy (4e Ch 16)

Part 7           Money, Banking, Unemployment, and Inflation

Chapter 18    Money, Inflation, and Banking (4e Ch 17)

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