Macromedia Contribute 3 in a Snap, 1st edition

  • Ned Snell

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Whether you're a small business owner wanting to update your website to promote a big sale next month, a student assigned to create a website for a class, or you're curious about web design but you don't have any HTML experience, Macromedia Contribute 3 In a Snap can help. Organized into short, bite-sized tasks, you will quickly be able to accomplish the steps required to build a website without any HTML code. You will learn how to easily update text and images to existing web pages and create new pages with the use of Macromedia Contribute 3 and more familiar programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Use this tool to help you create web pages in a snap!

Table of contents


1: Start Here.

2: Connecting to a Web Page to Edit It.

    About Connections.

    Import a Connection Key.

    Locate Editable Regions.

    Work Offline.

    Delete a Connection.

    Disable Connections.

    Enable Connections.

    Bookmark Websites You Edit Often.


3: Editing the Content of a Web Page.

    About Web Page Text.

    Select Text.

    Edit and Add Text.

    Copy or Move Text.

    Insert Special Characters (Symbols).

    Insert the Date.

    Check Spelling.

    Use Find and Replace.

4: Changing the Way Text Looks.

    About Text Formatting.

    Change the Style of Text.

    Make Text Bold, Italic, or Underlined.

    Change the Font, Size, or Color of Text.

    Apply a Highlight Color to Text.

    Align Text on the Page.

    Indent Paragraphs.

5: Editing Pictures and Movies.

    About Web Images.

    Align an Image and Choose Wrapping.

    Reposition an Image.

    Change the Size of an Image.

    Prepare an Image for the Web.

    Replace an Image.

    Add or Delete an Image.

    Add a Border or Extra Space Around a Picture.

    About Flash Movies.

    Change the Way a Flash Movie Plays.

    Add or Delete a Flash Movie.

6: Organizing Content on a Page.

    About Lists.

    Create a List.

     Nest Lists Inside One Another.

    Add or Delete a Horizontal Rule.

    Change the Style of a Horizontal Rule.

    Edit or Add Text in a Table.

    Edit or Add Pictures in a Table.

     Add or Delete Rows and Columns.

    Change the Dimensions of a Table.

    Change the Size of Rows and Columns.

    Align a Table on the Page.

    Sort Data in a Table.

    About Table Borders, Colors, Backgrounds, and Spacing.

    Choose the Border Thickness and Color.

    Change the Spacing Around Cell Contents.

    Add a Background Color to a Table.

     Create a New Table.

7: Linking to Web Pages, Files, and Email.

    About Links.

    Change Where an Existing Link Leads.

    Edit an Existing Link's Text or Image.

    Add a New Link.

    Make a Linked Page Open in a New Window.

     Link to a Particular Spot Within a Page.


8: Working with New Pages.

    About New Pages.

    Copy an Existing Page to Make a New Page.

    Use a Template to Make a New Page.

    Create a New Blank Page.

    Choose a Background Color and Other General Settings.

    Use a Table to Arrange the Contents of a Page.

    Delete Pages.

9: Inserting Documents in Word, Excel, and Other Formats.

    About Inserting External Documents.

     Insert a Word or Excel File into a Web Page.

     Link to a Word or Excel File.

    About FlashPaper.

    Use FlashPaper to Insert a Document in Any Format.

10: Editing Content in Pages That Are Divided.

    Into Frames.

    About Frames.

    Edit the Content in One Frame Within a Page.

    Choose What Content Appears Within a Frame.

    Create a Link That Points to a Particular Frame.

11: Publishing Pages.

    About Publishing.

    Preview Your Work.

    Send Your Work to Reviewers.

    Add Keywords and Descriptions to Pages.

    Publish Edited Pages.

    Publish New Pages.

    Restore Published Pages to Their Previous Versions.


12: Basic Site Administration Tasks.

    About Site Administration.

    Create or Edit Connections with the Wizard.

    Become Administrator of a Website.

    Change the Administrator Email, Password, and Enabling Rollback.

    About Preferences.

    Set Preferences.

    Set Index Page Filenames.

     Choose Alternate Web Addresses.

13: Managing Roles and Sharing Connections.

    About Roles.

    Create a New Role.

    Set General Role Settings.

    Set Folder and File Access Role Settings.

    Set Editing Role Settings.

    Set Style and Font Role Settings.

    Choose Settings for New Web Pages.

    Set File Placement Role Settings.

    Set Shared Assets Role Settings.

     Choose Settings for New Images.

    Send Connections to Contributors.

Published by Sams Publishing (July 29th 2004) - Copyright © 2004