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Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, 5th edition

  • Jana Echevarria
  • MaryEllen Vogt
  • Deborah J. Short

Published by Pearson (January 7th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

5th edition

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Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model

ISBN-13: 9780134045238

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A comprehensive, coherent, research-validated model for teaching English learners and helping them meet rigorous academic standards.


Using a writing style that is practical and applicable to all kinds of classrooms, this widely popular book presents a user-friendly approach for planning and implementing lessons for teaching English learners and other students. Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners provides students with access to grade-level content, develops their academic English skills, and prepares them to be college and career ready. The SIOP model is a comprehensive, coherent, research-validated, success-proven model for improving teaching effectiveness and ensuring academic gains for students. It can be implemented in all content areas at all grade levels and English proficiency levels. The new edition includes specific application of the SIOP to the Common Core and other state standards.


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  • Embedded videos. Enrich the text experience by enabling readers to see real teachers in real classrooms, sharing their insights.
  • End of Chapter Self-Check Assessments. Embedded assessments with feedback help students review new terms and concepts and encourage reflection and discussion on the issues of the chapter. These are presented within the Pearson eText as interactive quizzes.
  • Reflect and Apply exercises. Interactive exercises provide readers opportunities to rate lessons using the SIOP protocol and to compare their ratings to those of the authors.

Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents

1 Introducing the SIOP® Model

2 Lesson Preparation

3 Building Background

4 Comprehensible Input

5 Strategies

6 Interaction

7 Practice & Application

8 Lesson Delivery

9 Review & Assessment

10 Issues of Reading, RTI, and Special Education for English Learners

11 Effective Use of the SIOP® Protocol

12 Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started with the SIOP® Model



Detailed Table of Contents

1 Introducing the SIOP® Model 1

Background on English Learners 3

Demographic Trends 3

Diverse Characteristics 4

School Reform, Standards, and Accountability 8

Achievement Gaps 10

Academic Language and Literacy 12

Research on Academic Language and Literacy 13

Role in Schooling 13

Effective Instructional Practice for English Learners: The SIOP® Model 15

Content-based ESL and Sheltered Content Instruction 15

Research and Development of the Sheltered Instruction Observation

Protocol (SIOP®) Model 17

Effective SIOP® Model Instruction 20

Implementing the SIOP® Model 24

Summary 25

Discussion Questions 25


2 Lesson Preparation 27

Background 28

Selecting and Writing Content and Language Objectives 35

Teaching Ideas for Lesson Preparation 50

Differentiating Ideas for Multi-level Classes 53

Rating Lessons with the SIOP® Protocol 54

The Lesson 55

Teaching Scenarios 56

Discussion of Lessons 62

Teaching with Technology 66

Summary 68

Discussion Questions 68


3 Building Background 70

Background 71

Something to Think About 74

Academic Vocabulary 76

Word Consciousness 80

Teaching Academic Vocabulary 80

Teaching Ideas for Building Background 81

Differentiating Ideas for Multi-level Classes 88

The Lesson 89

Teaching Scenarios 90

Discussion of Lessons 96

Teaching with Technology 99

Summary 100

Discussion Questions 100


4 Comprehensible Input 102

Background 104

Teaching Ideas for Comprehensible Input 111

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