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Management and Economics of Organisations, 1st edition

  • Felix Fitzroy
  • Felix Fitzroy
  • Zoltan Acs
  • Zoltan Acs
  • Daniel Gerlowski
  • Daniel Gerlowski

Published by Pearson (December 23rd 1997) - Copyright © 1998

1st edition

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This text uses an economic analysis to develop a framework for the study of organisation. The authors develop key themes such as the international experience of the economic organisation, the influence of technological change and international comparisons of organisations.

They begin with the theory of exchange and systematically develop the theory of economic organisation without mathematical or other prerequisites. The approach is designed toaccurately reflect the changing business environment through examination of organizational issues from a historical, technical and global perspective.

Instructor's Manual 0-13-923541-8.

Table of contents

1.Introduction: Firms and Managing Them 2.Competitive Exchange 3.The Neo-Classical Theory of the Firm 4.Efficiency, the Price System and Organizations 5.Property Rights, Ownership and Efficiency 6.Organizational Tools 7Contracts: Motivation Through Agreement 8.Contracts: Issues of Discourse 9.Distribution, Rents and Efficiency 10.Theory of Investments and Financial Markets 11.Ownership and Control 12.The Employment Relationship 13.The Organization of Work 14.Innovation and Technological Change 15.Flexible Production, Technology and Organization 16.The Economics of Strategy 17.An International Comparison of Organizational Styles

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