Management of EMS, 1st edition

  • Bruce E. Evans
  • Jeffrey T. Dyar

Management of EMS

ISBN-13:  9780132324328

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Management of EMS offers a solid resource to help readers learn how to fearlessly take on the unique challenges of EMS Management, including the strategic planning needed to create comprehensive and successful EMS Management programs. 


Teaching and Learning Experience

  • Provides protocol and examples, along with real-life stories of success
  • Offers a solid resource for frontline EMS supervisors

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Government Structure and EMS

Chapter 2: Strategic Planning for EMS

Chapter 3: Manager to Leader

Chapter 4: Injury Prevention and EMS

Chapter 5: Marketing and Customer Service

Chapter 6: Risk Management and Safety

Chapter 7: EMS Human Resources Management

Chapter 8: Management of EMS Education

Chapter 9: Financial Management

Chapter 10: Medical Practice

Chapter 11: Fleet Management

Chapter 12: Career Development and Staff Focus

Chapter 13: EMS Quality Management

Chapter 14: Incident Management

Chapter 15: Interagency Relations and Operations

Chapter 16: Data Collection and EMS Research

Chapter 17: Legal and Labor Relations

Chapter 18: EMS Management of Communication Centers

Chapter 19: EMS Special Operations


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