Managerial Accounting, 5th edition

  • Karen Braun
  • Wendy M Tietz

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Managerial Accounting helps students see how managerial accounting concepts are used in business to make decisions. By presenting actual accounting decisions made in companies like Target and Macy’s, the text’s precise coverage of the core concepts better engages students in the content.

With new problems, cases, and applications in the 5th Edition, students receive the most up-to-date information and practice opportunities to prepare them for their future careers in accounting.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting 

2. Building Blocks of Managerial Accounting 

3. Job Costing 

4. Activity-Based Costing, Lean Operations, and the Costs of Quality 

5. Process Costing 

6. Cost Behavior 

7. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 

8. Relevant Costs for Short-Term Decisions 

9. The Master Budget 

10. Performance Evaluation 

11. Standard Costs and Variances 

12. Capital Investment Decisions and the Time Value of Money 

13. Statement of Cash Flows 

14. Financial Statement Analysis 

15. Sustainability 


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Published by Pearson (January 19th 2017) - Copyright © 2018