Managing Diversity, 9th edition

  • Norma Carr-Ruffino


Today’s American workplace is more multicultural than ever, but it can be hard for managers to keep up with all the rapid changes. Fortunately, Managing Diversity: People Skills for a Multicultural Workplace can help. This book is for people who see themselves as workplace leaders, either now or in the future, and for people who are ready to develop the skills needed to manage diversity. With thorough analysis and real-life examples, this book provides practical advice on how to open up your worldview and thus transform it.

The manual deals with topics ranging from basic ethnic diversity (working with Euro-Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, Arab Americans, American Indians), to the differences between women and men in the workplace, to the growing age range of American workers. Whether you need guidance helping a gay employee deal with homophobia in the workplace, or you need assistance understanding the religious customs of your newest Arab American employee, Managing Diversity will provide thoughtful answers and useful tips. It will prove invaluable as we move into the increasingly multicultural twenty-first century.

Table of contents

Introduction: How This Book Can Change Your Life

Chapter 1: Succeeding in a Diverse Workplace

Chapter 2: Understanding Cultures: Your Own and Others

Chapter 3: Working with Euro-Americans: The Dominant Culture

Chapter 4: Stereotyping and Prejudice: How and Why They Occur

Chapter 5: Workplace Discrimination: Its Effects and Remedies

Chapter 6: Men and Women: Parallel Cultures

Chapter 7: Working with African Americans

Chapter 8: Working with American Indians

Chapter 9: Working with Asian Americans

Chapter 10: Working with Arab Americans

Chapter 11: Working with Latino Americans

Chapter 12: Working with Gay Persons

Chapter 13: Working with Persons with Disabilities

Chapter 14: Working with Older and Younger Persons

Chapter 15: Working with Persons of All Sizes and Shapes

Chapter 16: Working with Persons from Diverse Religions

Chapter 17: Inclusive Corporate Cultures


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