• Frances Donovan
  • Alun Jackson

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  • Practical focus combined with a sophisticated analysis of key processes and theories.
  • Cross disciplinary and includes exhibits and extracts from a wide range of literature including management literature.
  • Stresses the inter-relationship of management functions as diverse as budgeting and costing, information systems, decision making and communication.
  • Uses examples and cases from the authors' extensive experience and their workshops and seminars with practitioners.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Human Service Management.
2. Making Effective Decisions.
3. Communication.
4. Managing Change.
5. Managing Conflict.
6. Program Planning/
7. Evaluation and Accountability.
8. Managing Information Systems.
9. Finance and Budgeting.
10. Managing the Office and the Work Environment.
11. Human Resource/(Personnel) Management.
12. Implications.

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Published by Prentice Hall (July 1st 1991) - Copyright © 1991