Manual for Physical Agents, 6th edition

  • Karen W. Hayes
  • Kathy Hall

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MANUAL FOR PHYSICAL AGENTS, 6/e is a core education resource for modern physical therapists, therapist assistants, and athletic trainers. It integrates concise summaries of the theoretical background and available evidence for each technique; step-by-step instructions presented generically, without brand names; and broad coverage of most current techniques. Designed for easy use, its lay-flat spiral binding remains open while students practice independently in laboratory sessions; concise tables provide fast access to essential information. This edition offers stronger focus on evidence-based practice; a new chapter on evaluating new interventions; new study and discussion questions; and extensive new topic coverage: from controlled cold compression to electrical stimulation for tissue repair.

Table of contents

SECTION 1  Physical Agents 

Chapter 1  Cryotherapy

            Ice Pack

            Commercial Cold Pack

            Ice Massage

            Cold Baths (Immersion)

            Vapocoolant Spray

            Controlled Cold Compression Unit

Chapter 2  Thermotherapy

            Dry Heat Therapy (Fluidotherapy)

            Hot Pack

            Air-Activated Heat Wrap

            Paraffin Bath

Chapter 3  Hydrotherapy


            Contrast Baths

Chapter 4  Pulsed Lavage with Concurrent Suction

Chapter 5  Ultrasound



Chapter 6  Pulsed Shortwave Therapy

Chapter 7   Therapeutic Laser (Low-Level Laser Therapy)

Chapter 8  Ultraviolet Radiation


SECTION 2  Mechanical Agents 

Chapter 9  Compression

            Compression Bandage

            Compression Pump

            Compression Garment

Chapter 10 Mechanical Spinal Traction

            Cervical Traction

            Lumbar Traction


SECTION 3  Electrotherapeutic Agents 

Chapter 11  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Chapter 12  Interferential Current

Chapter 13  Electrical Stimulation for Motor Activity

Chapter 14  Electromyographic Biofeedback

Chapter 15  Electrical Stimulation for Tissue Repair

Chapter 16  Iontophoresis


SECTION 4  Preparing for the Future 

Chapter 17  Evaluation of New or Nonstandard Interventions in Physical Therapy



Appendix A  Electromagnetic Spectrum

Appendix B  Laws Governing Dosage of Electromagnetic Radiation

Appendix C  Suggested Responses to Discussion Questions

Appendix D  Motor Point Charts

Appendix E  Resources for Evidence-Based Practice


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