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Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials, 6th edition

  • Serope Kalpakjian
  • Steven Schmid
Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials

ISBN-13:  9780134290553

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In Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials, the authors present information that motivates and challenges for understanding and developing an appreciation of the vital importance of manufacturing in the modern global economy. Numerous examples and case studies help to develop a perspective on the real-world applications of the topics described in the book. As in previous editions, this text maintains the same number of chapters while continuing to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of all manufacturing activities, including the complex interactions among materials, design, and manufacturing processes.

With the 6th Edition, you'll learn to properly assess the capabilities, limitations, and potential of manufacturing processes and their competitive aspects.

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Table of contents

1.      Introduction

2.      Fundamentals of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials

3.      Structure and Manufacturing Properties of Metals

4.      Tribology, Metrology and Product Quality

5.      Casting Processes and Heat Treatment

6.      Bulk Deformation Processes

7.      Sheet-Metal Processes

8.      Machining Processes

9.      Material-Removal Processes

10.   Polymer Processing and Additive Manufacturing

11.   Powder Metallurgy and Processing of Ceramics and Glasses

12.   Joining and Fastening Processes

13.   Micro- and Nanomanufacturing

14.   Automation of Manufacturing Processes and Operations

15.   Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems

16.   Competitive Aspects of Product Design and Manufacturing

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