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Marketing Management, 15th edition

  • Philip Kotler
  • Philip Kotler
  • Philip Kotler
  • Kevin Keller

Published by Pearson (July 23rd 2019) - Copyright © 2016

15th edition

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Marketing Management

ISBN-13: 9780133856460

Includes: Hardcover
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Stay on the cutting-edge with the gold standard text that reflects the latest in marketing theory and practice.

 The world of marketing is changing everyday—and in order for students to have a competitive edge, they need a textbook that reflects the best of today’s marketing theory and practices. Marketing Management is the gold standard marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect the latest changes in today’s marketing theory and practice.

KEY TOPICS:Understanding Marketing Management; Capturing Marketing Insights; Connecting with Customers; Building Strong Brands; Shaping the Market Offerings; Delivering Value; Communicating Value; Managing the Marketing Organization 

MARKET: For marketing professionals who place special emphasis to creativity and imagination in marketing management.

Table of contents

Part 1. Understanding Marketing Management 
1. Defining Marketing for the New Realities 
2. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans 

Part 2. Capturing Marketing Insights 
3. Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand 
4. Conducting Marketing Research 

Part 3. Connecting with Customers 
5. Creating Long-term Loyalty Relationships 
6. Analyzing Consumer Markets 
7. Analyzing Business Markets 
8. Tapping into Global Markets 

Part 4. Building Strong Brands 
9. Identifying Market Segments and Targets
10. Crafting the Brand Positioning
11. Creating Brand Equity 
12. Meeting Competition and Driving Growth 

Part 5. Shaping the Market Offerings 
13. Setting Product Strategy 
14. Designing and Managing Services 
15. Introducing New Market Offerings 
16. Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs 

Part 6. Delivering Value 
17. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels 
18. Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics 

Part 7. Communicating Value 
19. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications 
20. Managing Digital Communications: Online, Social Media and Mobile Marketing 
21. Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations 
22. Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing, Word of Mouth, and Personal Selling 

Part 8. Managing the Marketing Organization 
23. Conducting Marketing Responsibly for Long-Term Success

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