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Marketing Planning, 1st edition

  • Stephan Sorger

Published by Pearson (August 24th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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“Marketing Planning: Where Strategy Meets Action” offers marketing students and professionals a practical, step by step guide to creating marketing plans that deliver measurable results. It presents a comprehensive framework for strategic marketing planning and outlines a structured approach for developing effective marketing plans. The approach uses numerous figures, checklists, and decision charts to leverage proven marketing techniques and market data for high quality marketing plans. The book is packed with current examples, culminating in a complete sample marketing plan that demonstrates the book’s unique approach. The book is ideal for planning-related courses in upper-level undergraduate and lower-level graduate school programs, as well as for business executives seeking a competitive edge in the speed and quality of their marketing planning. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Planning Process

Chapter 2. Objectives

Chapter 3. Market Overview

Chapter 4. Market Segments

Chapter 5. Competitive Landscape

Chapter 6. Strategy

Chapter 7. Products and Services

Chapter 8. Pricing

Chapter 9. Distribution

Chapter 10. Promotion

Chapter 11. Finance

Chapter 12. Implementation

Chapter 13. Sample Marketing Plans

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