Marketing Research: An International Approach, 1st edition

  • Marcus Schmidt
  • Svend Hollensen

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Marketing Research: An International Approach is a comprehensive text written with the decision-maker in mind. It is written from the perspective of the firm conducting marketing research in the national and international markets irrespective of its country of origin. This tools-oriented book shows how international marketing managers can transform existing (Secondary) and newly collected (primary) data into useful information.

This is a comprehensive and advanced marketing research book that offers an analytical and decision-oriented framework of the subject. This book looks at firms conducting market research in the national and international markets irrespective of its country of origin.

This book is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying Marketing Research. It is also appropriate for practitioners who wish to keep abreast of the most recent developments in the field.




Table of contents


Chapter 1: Globalization of markets and international marketing research

Chapter 2: Online and other secondary data sources

Chapter 3: Observational and tracking methods

Chapter 4: Focus groups

Chapter 5: Other qualitative research methods

Chapter 6: Measurement and scaling

Chapter 7: Survey and questionnaire design

Chapter 8: Quantitative models in marketing

Chapter 9: Analysis of variance and multiple regression

Chapter 10: Discriminant analysis and logistic regression

Chapter 11: Profiling customers: factor analysis

Chapter 12: Cluster analysis and segmentation of customers

Chapter 13: Positioning the product: MDS

Chapter 14: Systematic product development: conjoint analysis

Chapter 15: Advanced methods for categorization: CHAID  and latent class analysis

Chapter 16: Several dependent variables: cannonical correlation and structural equation modelling

Chapter 17: Data mining

Chapter 18: Putting it all together: an international marketing information system


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Published by Pearson (May 11th 2006) - Copyright © 2006