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Marx: An Introduction, 1st edition

  • Michel Henry

Published by Bloomsbury Academic (February 21st 2019) - Copyright © 2019

1st edition

Marx: An Introduction

ISBN-13: 9781474269421

Includes: Hardcover

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What's included

  • Hardcover

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According to Michel Henry, no thinker has been more influential than Marx, and no one has been more misunderstood. With his characteristic clarity and elegance, Henry seeks to pull out the philosophical heart of Marx's work and the reasons this complex philosophy has so often been simplified, distorted and obscured. Marx: An Introduction is not just a recovery of the theoretical centre of Marx's thinking, but also a brilliant introduction to the work of Marx in general; concise and punchy without glossing over the difficult material, it provides a totally fresh reading of Marx's corpus. Michel Henry shares with Marx a concern for the living work and the living individual and this shared preoccupation is brilliantly conveyed throughout the book. An essential read for those wrestling with Marx for the first time, and those looking for a new way to approach well-trodden territory.

Table of contents

Preface Introduction Thinking about Marx Marx and the Marxist Productive Forces and Subjectivity Translator's Afterword (Kristien Justaert) Index

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