Mastering Global Business: your single source guide to becoming a master of global business, 1st edition

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Globalization. The most over-used word in business. What does it actually mean for your company? How do you make sense of what the real issues are for global businesses? How can you make your business truly global?

Global companies are local everywhere and foreign nowhere. Easy to say, but hard to do.

Managers need to learn how to handle brands, technologies, information, finance and people, innovatively and on a global scale, without creating stifling bureaucracies.

Here is your single source guide to becoming a master of global business.


Featuring the brightest business minds on the biggest global business topics, including:

Jacques Horovitz

on global retailing, Jean-Pierre Jeannet on global strategy, Donald A Marchand on global IT, Sydney Finkelstein on cross-boarder M&A, Vijay Govindarajan and Anil K Gupta on turning global presence into global success, Alan Rugman on multi-national enterprises, James Brian Quinn on innovation, Jean-Pierre Lehmann on national politics and global business, Rory F Knight on global finance, Michel J Lebas on managing foreign subsidiaries, Bernard Garrette and Pierre Dussauge on strategic alliances, Jean-Paul Larçon on Central Europe, William A Fischer and Dominique V Turpin on China...


Whatҳ inside:

ћCompanies] face the pressing need to develop a cadre of managers who can view the new opportunities according to a global mindsetҼ/P>

Jean-Pierre Jeannet, p 31

эanagers are not born global ֠they acquire global brainsŒ

Vladimir Pucik, p 147

єhe days of sustained competitive advantage based on quality, competencies and entry barriers are overҼ/P>

Richard A Dҁveni, p 58

уompanies are beginning to turn local corporate governance regimes to competitive advantageҼ/P>

Rory F Knight, p 254

чlobal presence does not automatically ensure competitive advantageҼ/P>

Vijay Govindarajan & Anil K Gupta, p 42



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Table of contents

1. As business goes global
2. Gaining global competitiveness
3. Techno-world
4. Creating the global organization
5. Controlling the global organization
6. Cross-cultural management and leadership
7. Reaching the global customer
8. Navigating the tides of global finance
9. Good citizenship: business and the state
10. Regional perspectives
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Published by FT Press (October 28th 1998) - Copyright © 1998