Mastering Networks: An Internet Lab Manual, 1st edition

  • Jorg Liebeherr
  • Magda El Zarki

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  • Lab projects provide a sense of network application in the real-world.
  • Discusses the traffic analysis tolls tcpdump and ethereal, which are essential for studying network protocols.
  • Provides an overview of basic Linux commands.
  • Covers completely the Internet Operating System (IOS) and Cisco routers.

Table of contents



Lab1 Introduction to the Internet Lab.

Lab2 Single Segment IP Networks.

Lab3 Static Routing.

Lab4 Dynamic Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF and BGP).

Lab5 LAN Switching.

Lab6 Transport Protocols (UDP and TCP).

Lab7 NAT and DHCP.

Lab8 The Domain Name System.

Lab9 SNMP.

Lab10 IP Multicast.


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Published by Pearson (August 20th 2003) - Copyright © 2004