Mastering Operational Risk: A practical guide to understanding operational risk and how to manage it, 2nd edition

  • Tony Blunden
  • John Thirlwell

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A practical guide, from the basic techniques, through to advanced applications, showing you what operational risk is, and how you can manage it.


Mastering Operational Risk provides a step-by-step guide from the basic elements of operational risk through to advanced applications of operational risk management. Focusing on practical applications, it gives you the knowledge needed to understand what operational risk is and puts in place a workable way of managing it.

Table of contents

Part 1: Setting the scene

1. What is operational risk?

2. The business case for operational risk management


Part 2: The framework

3. Governance

4. Operational risk appetite

5. Risk and control assessment ?

6. Events and losses

7. Indicators


Part 3: Advancing the framework

8. Reporting

9. Modelling

10. Stress tests and scenarios

11. Operational risk management and Six sigma


Part 4: Mitigation and assurance

12. Business continuity

13. Insurance

14. Internal audit – the third line of defence


Part 5: Practical operational risk management

15. Outsourcing risk

16. People risk

17. Reputation risk

Published by FT Press (September 5th 2013) - Copyright © 2013